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Distribution Contract for Hills Rotary Dryers

DF Sales recently signed a new distribution agreement with Freudenberg Household Products LP for their outdoor rotary dryers brand, Hills in January 2017.

To view the document, download the PDF here (BFM Magazine web – 23.01.17). Alternatively, you can read the article below:

“Hills Rotary Dryers, which was established over 70 years ago in Australia, has long been a firm favourite within the building trade, due to its heavy duty design and durability. The brand is currently stocked by builders’ merchants including Travis Perkins, Toolbank and independent hardware wholesalers.

Commenting on the partnership Lora Finn, Laundry Shopper Product Manager said: “This marks a significant milestone in our journey to establish Hills as the number one rotary brand in the UK. Although we have already established significant contracts within the building trade sector, we are confident DF Sales is strategically placed to take further advantage of growth in the sector.”

Hills Builders Special Rotary Clothes Dryer

DF Sales, which also distributes Vileda in the sector, on behalf of Freudenberg Household Products LP, will sell the range of nine dryers and accessories, which are guaranteed for between two and ten years, depending on the rotary, and include:

DF Sales managing director, Rob Austen added: “Our experience of working with Freudenberg Household Products LP has been excellent and we are totally committed to extending our sales expertise to encompass Hills. We are perfectly positioned to take the brand to the next level, using our dedicated sales team who already have established links in the industry.”

Hills outdoor rotary airers offer a wide choice of drying options based on space, durability and cost. Made from durable galvanised steel to prevent rusting, the airers are phthalate-free, ensuring they meet the latest Health & Safety guidelines.”

This was posted by admin on the 27th January 2017.

DF Sales Appoints Gerry Denny as Their Sales Manager for the North of England and Scotland

We are pleased announce that Gerry Denny has agreed to join DF Sales as our Sales Manager for the North of England and Scotland. Gerry had previously worked for Listers before they went into administration and his experience and product knowledge will allow the Hills range of Rotary Dryers transition to be seamless to DF Sales as the distributor.

Gerry will be an outstanding member of our team and we look forward to working closely with him. Welcome Gerry.

This was posted by admin on the 11th November 2016.

Hills Rotary Dryers Appoint DF Sales Ltd as their UK Distributor

We are delighted to announce that Hills Rotary Dryers have appointed DF Sales Ltd as their new Distributor in the UK. Freudenberg are a multi billion pound company that owns brands such as Vileda and Hills and following the abrupt demise of Listers they need to appoint a new trusted Distributor for their Hills Brand of Rotary Dryers. DF Sales create and manage the website of Vileda and do the Vileda small pick pack despatch in the UK so they immediately approached DF Sales when Listers stopped trading.

The Hills Range of Rotary Dryers has been the industry standard builders product for over 50 years and their range is second to none for quality and longevity thanks to being galvanised inside and out as well as having no compromises in either robust design or quality materials. DF Sales had been a trusted partner of Freudenberg and it was a very easy decision for them to choose us to Distribute their range. p

DF Sales are perfectly positioned to utilise their sales expertise to the Builders Merchants of the UK to massively increase the sales of the Hills range and our sales team will be able to offer our the Hills Range along with our Lamboro Bar Stools and our Bristol Tool Company sack trucks, ladders, wheelbarrows and other industrial products.

Rob Austen

Managing Director

This was posted by admin on the 11th November 2016.

The 5% Club

Having recently joined The 5% Club, which focuses on creating momentum behind the recruitment of apprentices and graduates into the workforce, we’re very proud to have recently attracted two bright apprentice’s, who both joined the team in 2015.

Becky’s Blog:

“I joined the DF sales team on 13/01/15. This is the first job I have had so at first I was very nervous and I thought it may have been a bit daunting on my first day however it wasn’t at all. Everyone at DF Sales is so friendly and they made me feel very welcome. I am now into my second week of work at DF Sales and I very much feel a valued member of the team.

During my first week at DF Sales, the team have supported me with any training I needed, and they are always happy to answer any queries I had, there is always someone willing to give me a hand. I love the challenges that I have been faced with so far but it is all part of the learning experience and so far it has been extremely interesting and enjoyable.

I feel like I have made a great start so far and I am REALLY enjoying the Sales apprenticeship programme, supported by Lifetime Training.”

Welcome to the team Becks!

Louise’s Blog:

“Recently I joined DF Sales as a Customer Service apprentice. I recently left a retail job and decided I wanted to further my career within sales and customer service. I had various interviews however, I knew that this job was a career I wanted to pursue and I was over whelmed with the fact that I got offered the chance to work here. I am looking forward to working here in the foreseeable future and I believe that this is a great opportunity for myself.

The team has been very welcoming and helpful, they have made settling in easy. Everyone is a pleasure to work with and whenever I am in need of some help someone makes time for me straight away.

I like the fact that DF Sales have a vast range of products such as Bin Liners, Wheelbarrows, Sack Trucks and Kids rooms to name but a few so as you can imagine, there is always something new to learn. When I answer the phones I have found out that you never know what to expect as each call is different, which is what interests me the most.”

Welcome to the team Louise!

This was posted by admin on the 25th March 2015.

A very warm welcome to Georgie…

As a growing, innovative business we’re always on the lookout for talented people and we were very pleased to welcome Georgie to the team.

My first few weeks at DF Sales, Georgina:

“I have recently joined the DF Sales team after graduating university in July, and working in hospitality through the summer months. I was quite nervous initially but the team made me feel welcomed immediately, and everyone was very patient and helpful during my training.

Out of all the many products we sell, I especially like the Day Clock and One Button Radio. They are simple and smart, designed to help those who are struggling to keep to their daily routine. It is really rewarding to know that with every Day Clock we sell, a large percentage of profit is donated to Designability (Bath Institute of Medical Engineering).

There is still a lot to get to grips with and I am learning new things every day, but really enjoying the challenge.”

Welcome to the team Georgie!

This was posted by admin on the 18th December 2014.

A new face here at DF Sales…

Recently we welcomed a new TSE to the team, read below how Hannah has enjoyed her first couple of weeks.

My first week at DF Sales, Hannah:

“I have recently joined the team at DF Sales after opting for a career change from being a hairdresser for the last 7 years! As you can imagine this was quite a daunting, yet exciting change! The team here made me feel welcome immediately and helped me settle in.

I have really enjoyed learning about the vast range of products that we sell, from bin liners to high spec advertising screens! My favourite is our ‘Kids Rooms’ site as I have a young child!

I’m very excited to be part of DF Sales and I’m looking forward to being a part of a friendly, successful and thriving business.”

At this competitive time, it is imperative we offer the very best customer service so it is great to have Hannah working with us. Hannah brings confidence and good manners to the team, not to forget that we may be able to get a free haircut from time to time!

This was posted by admin on the 17th October 2014.

DF Sales Team continues to grow…

Last month we welcomed a new account manager to the team, read how Ben has settled in.

My first week at DF Sales, Ben:

“I Joined DF Sales last week, after recently graduating from university in June of this year. I had heard about the company through friends I play cricket with for Kingswood Village Cricket Club, so it had always been a company I was interested in. I was also slightly familiar with the company having done a number of weeks work for them during my time at sixth form. However, I am now looking at working here for the foreseeable future.

With the few connections I already had at DF Sales, and knowing a few of the team from secondary school, it made settling in very easy. Even those who I did not know made me feel extremely welcome, and everyone is a pleasure to work with. Any questions or issues I may have are dealt with quickly and professionally by my colleagues, which makes undertaking daily tasks a lot easier. Also, the variety of websites we cater for, and products we sell, means that work is always varied and interesting. I look forward to my next few weeks/months with the company.”

Ben is already showing good signs that he is ready to take on more responsibility and has done a great job working with Tom Palmer, Business Development Manager for Simply Bar Stools.

This was posted by admin on the 10th October 2014.

New Dementia Friendly Facility Opens

The Trust’s new dementia friendly care facility, located at West Health Hospital, has opened its doors to patients.

Willow House is a dedicated 18-bed ward, using national best practice and design to create an environment sensitive to the needs of people with dementia. It has been supported by a Department of Health grant of £1m.

BCHC chief operating officer Andy Harrison said: “We are delighted that this unit has now opened to patients.

“More than a third of people we care for in our inpatient units have a dementia-related diagnosis on top of their primary reason for being admitted. Many people with dementia find it stressful to be admitted to an inpatient facility and may suffer a loss of confidence and independence as a result.”

The new facility has been created within an existing ward, refurbished to include features such as an enclosed garden, colour coding, dementia friendly signage, memory boards, Dementia Ward Clock and symbols to help patients navigate and enjoy their environment. The dementia Ward Clock is a 27” Ward Orientation Clock designed by the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering.  The Ward Clock has five slides which help patients by displaying the date, time period, analogue clock, personalised ward information slide and seasonal photos which represent each season. This has already proven hugely popular amongst staff and patients. Here’s what Mark Guttridge, Project Officer had to say about the Ward Clock “The Clock is superb. The patients and the staff love it! I would be very happy to recommend this product to other hospitals and NHS staff”. 

Willow House is a modern, fit-for-purpose facility within which can receive excellent, dedicated care and increased support from our staff and their carers and family members.

DF Sales Day Trip

Head of Sales, Matthew Smith and Product Manager, Jon Stutter (Right) recently went to Willow House to meet with Mark Guttrigde (Left) and see the new dementia ward and the Ward Clock in use.  We were very impressed with the overall set up and the calm atmosphere across the Ward.

The Ward Clock looked great in use and it was very rewarding to get such good feedback from hospital staff and the patients who use our product each day. Mark and the other hospital staff were particularly pleased with how easy the Ward Clock is to use and due to the fact the software is pre-set, no efforts are required to update the information displayed on the Ward Clock. It was great to see the impact that our product can have and we hope to continue getting our Ward Clock into this type of environment.

This was posted by admin on the 17th September 2014.

DF Sales Team continues to grow…

We were delighted to welcome Jess to the DF Sales team this week, read her comments on how she has settled in.

My first week at DF Sales, Jess:

“This week I joined DF Sales as an apprentice. I had left school in the summer of 2014, and as soon as I was told that I had been accepted as an apprentice with DF Sales I was over the moon because when I had my interview with Matthew I knew that the role was right for me.

On Monday I have to admit I was a little nervous about meeting everyone, but once I had met everyone the nerves were gone. Everyone I work with is friendly and caring. If I ever need help then all I have to do is ask and someone is always on hand to help me understand, and teach me new things so I can keep learning something different every day.

I have enjoyed learning about a variety of different job roles which everyone does in the team. I really like the way we have product managers for each business such as Kids Room’s, Bin liners, Barstools, Digital Frames, Wheelbarrows, Sack trucks, Card craft and Ladders, so as you can see there are lots of different things that go on in the office on a day to day basis.

Everyone in the office has a close relationship which makes for a good atmosphere to work in, people get along well and I already feel like part of the team. I am looking forward to my next month’s/years in the DF Sales team and I can’t wait to learn more and for the business to keep growing.”

In recent years, we have earned a strong reputation for our apprenticeship programme and once again, with the help of The South West Apprenticeship Company, I think we have found a gem in Jess. We have won awards in the past for our apprenticeships programme and who knows; maybe we can win another award now that we have Jess on board.

This was posted by admin on the 5th September 2014.

DF Sales Team continues to grow…

In line with our CSR programme and our proud history of giving youth an opportunity in the work place, we recently welcomed Ollie Niddrie to the DF Sales team for the summer holidays on a short term apprenticeship. Read Ollie’s thoughts on his first week with us.

My first week at DF Sales, Ollie:

“I’ve just finished my A Levels at Sixth Form and I’m working with DF Sales for about 10 weeks until I go to university in September. I already knew a few people in the office from playing cricket with but I was a little nervous about meeting everyone else. They quickly made me welcome however and I felt like part of the team straight away.

Everyone has been really helpful in getting settled in and helping me out when I get stuck. The most enjoyable thing so far has been the variety of things I’ve been doing, from taking customer services calls to working with the web team on product descriptions to putting stickers on cricket bats. I’ve been working next to almost everyone in the office now, playing musical desks, sitting somewhere new every week to get to know everyone.

I’m looking forward to the next few weeks, getting stuck into some more tasks and also working more with the bar stools team.”

It is always very exciting growing the DF Sales Team, and Ollie has certainly made a great start with his customer service skills and product knowledge is growing every day. It is also rather refreshing having another Cricketer in the office as now Rob has someone else to talk about Cricket with; If I’m honest Cricket isn’t really my cup of tea. Ollie’s consistent performances for Kingswood Village Cricket Club have even caught the eye of the ‘The Grim Sweeper’ who now has plenty of #VantageStats to blog about on the Vantage Cricket website.

This was posted by admin on the 28th July 2014.